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Game of Thrones: The Game. Of Thrones. Or something.

I started playing Game of Thrones: Ascent over on Facebook, and I'm afraid I might be addicted.

I don't do a lot of those games - my normal fare is stuff like Words with Friends, UNO, Bejeweled - so maybe this is pretty typical stuff, but... it's rather cool. I was a little intimidated by the complexity of it at first, but you do catch on pretty quickly. And the way you're in the GoT universe, interacting with the different characters as it's taking place. Yeah.

Oh and making your own character and everything... I almost feel like I'm writing GoT fic. I'm Lady Piper Wayn of Mirror Keep; I was awarded the title by King Robert. I'm a widow with a daughter who had her hand amputated after a terrible riding accident.

I have four sworn swords so far... one is looking for my dead husband's bastard, who's about to get beat up by bandits (it's not looking good for her). Another is with my cousin, with Robert and Ned's retinue by the trident, looking for Arya and the butcher's boy and making small talk with Jaime. The third is looking for a woman who beat up some prostitutes. And the last is just out roughing up some poachers because reasons.

Oh, and I'm a bannerman of House Tyrell because crafty bitches rule, and before he died Jon Ayrnn asked me to look after this kid who's probably Robert's bastard, and I sent him off to Highgarden, but the dumbass got himself kidnapped and now I have to send people to go rescue him.

So, um, yeah. Kind of addictive. :)
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