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Is anyone else kind of excited about CBS's Intelligence? It looks like it might be good. *fingers crossed*
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I am def curious! It does look interesting. Kinda reminds me of Jake 2.0... not sure if you've seen that show before.
I think UPN, but I can't be sure. It didn't last too long, but the concept is similar if you squint. lol
Kinda like Chuck, too, ain't it? Although Chuck was obviously going for more a comic feel than this one.
I'll probably take a look at it. I'm watching the last season of "Lost" right now, and while I've never really warmed up to Sawyer as a character, I think Holloway is a pretty good actor and I'll be interested to see what else he can do.
I never watched Lost, so I think the only thing I've seen him in is his 3 minutes in Mission Impossible 4 ;)