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Part of getting back in "work" mode is just remembering how to be productive

Things I did today:

  • Got up at 7am (although not willingly)

  • Had my water heater replaced (goodbye, $1000 I really would have liked to save)

  • Took down most of my Christmas decorations (just the tree and outdoor lights to do tomorrow)

  • Got my chia seeds from Amazon so tomorrow I can make a kick-ass smoothie

  • Made an actual dinner (a casserole, no less!)

  • Made a no-sew tank top for the first time (not horrible, but I'll be able to refine my technique for the next time)

  • Put on a new shower head (now I don't have to crouch down to rinse my hair!)

  • Cleaned my laptop

  • Washed the living room curtains and cleaned the blinds

  • Decluttered the guest bedroom

  • Organized and labeled my tools for storage in the garage

  • Contacted a junk hauler about hauling some junk

Hot damn, I hardly recognize myself.

Tomorrow, mom and dad are coming over and we're going to the Jelly Belly Factory. Dad's a JB freak and he's never been (it's a standard field trip destination for kids in the area, so I've been a couple of times) so for Christmas I got him some JB paraphinalia and promised to 'take' him on the factory tour (it's free, but it's the thought that counts) since it's literally just up the road from where I live now. I'm also hoping to get their help doing some odd jobs (putting up a new, sturdier curtain rod, hanging a big mirror that will require two people, and anything else I can squeeze in).

I'm so, so, so behind on the be_compromised Secret Santa exchange. I totally meant to read/appreciate/comment on everything as it came out, and... yeah. That lasted about three days.
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