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Ventured back over to tumblr to look for some Frozen fanworks and was not disappointed. OMG the animated cute!

Of course, the fun was eventually dampened when I came across the inevitable "Why are all the people in this movie white?" post.

Gee, I don't know. Obviously it has nothing to do with paying homage to the Danish roots of the fairy tale, or the possibility that, while a fantasy, it appears to take place in a Denmark-like place.

Let's just go with Disney must hate PoC.

- I liked the twist with Hans. I thought that it might be a more gradual thing - that after Anna pretty much turned the place over to him, he might go power-mad - and having it be a sham all along was kind of cynical for Disney, considering the number of Disney couples (my favorites among them) who did kind of fall in love at first sight.

- I was prepared to hate Olaf. Instead, I found him adorable.

- I'm kind of obsessed with Elsa's hair.

- Curmudgeonly Kristoff and dorky Anna = perfection.

- The CGI/animation = beautiful

- Sven!

- I found myself thinking about Tangled quite a bit during this movie. The titles are rather similar, of course, and some of the music was also reminiscent, especially the phrasing of "for the first time in forever." Also, Rapunzel and Anna are both uncoordinated and sassy and awesome. ETA: Plus, RAPUNZEL AND FLYNN HAD A CAMEO EEEEE. Okay, now I need Rapunzel and Anna and Elsa and Flynn and Kristoff being Awesome Together fic. Finally, Anna's horse really really really reminded me of Max. Considering that he threw Anna and went back to the palace without her, I'm going to guess that he's not nearly as well trained, however. Maybe a less-disciplined cousin?
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