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Thanks to Morjana...


Here's the description:

"Tired of being dismissed as a 'vocal minority'? We're fans who signed on to watch "Stargate SG-1", not "Stargate: SamandJack". Fans who believe Stargate is a human drama in a scifi setting, not a soap opera. Fans who care about the team, about all four members of our SG-1 family. Whichever romantic pairing we may enjoy in fanfiction, onscreen we want the team together, we want their characters and integrity respected, not compromised for a grafted-on romance you can find on any soap and which excludes every fan who doesn't see it or want to watch it. We thought "Stargate: SamandJack" was behind us in Season 4, but now there's talk of a kiss coming up in Season 7. Have Sci Fi learned nothing from Showtime? We're not looking to flood your inbox with mail, in fact, there'll be no mail at all. Just join the group for a fuss-free, completely
private way to make your point. Stargate SG-1 onscreen = pro-friendship, pro-family, pro-TEAM. We're not a minority at all "


Now, here's the interesting part:

This group was only formed on May 24th...(that's, uh, three days

Yet -- there are 523 members.


Unhuh. Can you say "sockpuppets"?

One thing is for sure... the phrase "our SG-1 family" smells just like the spoiled Denialite/OS brats, MS's footsoldiers. Shocking!
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On a closing note...
I apologize if I offended anyone here and got some facts wrong or was too harsh or anything.

It's 3 a.m. now and my English is getting worse every minute. Please, let's agree to disagree on this and put it to rest, okay? This is something I can live with very well. I shouldn't have posted in the first place and so it's probably my fault it worked out like that. I'm sorry.

I'm now off to bed.

Re: On a closing note...

It's only because you threw down a gauntlet. You said that there were threatening shippers. When asked for proof you said, "I saw some once." I'm sorry but I'm afraid that doesn't cut it here. I have seen bad behavior from every corner of fandom but the "Team" folks are by far the biggest group demonstrating it.

They demand what they want and belittle what they dislike. I find their behavior reprehensible and their posts whiny.

For the record, I am NOT a shipper.