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Thanks to Morjana...


Here's the description:

"Tired of being dismissed as a 'vocal minority'? We're fans who signed on to watch "Stargate SG-1", not "Stargate: SamandJack". Fans who believe Stargate is a human drama in a scifi setting, not a soap opera. Fans who care about the team, about all four members of our SG-1 family. Whichever romantic pairing we may enjoy in fanfiction, onscreen we want the team together, we want their characters and integrity respected, not compromised for a grafted-on romance you can find on any soap and which excludes every fan who doesn't see it or want to watch it. We thought "Stargate: SamandJack" was behind us in Season 4, but now there's talk of a kiss coming up in Season 7. Have Sci Fi learned nothing from Showtime? We're not looking to flood your inbox with mail, in fact, there'll be no mail at all. Just join the group for a fuss-free, completely
private way to make your point. Stargate SG-1 onscreen = pro-friendship, pro-family, pro-TEAM. We're not a minority at all "


Now, here's the interesting part:

This group was only formed on May 24th...(that's, uh, three days

Yet -- there are 523 members.


Unhuh. Can you say "sockpuppets"?

One thing is for sure... the phrase "our SG-1 family" smells just like the spoiled Denialite/OS brats, MS's footsoldiers. Shocking!
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"Which lists and sites and forums? How are they threatening?"

No links there, but I very much doubt that there are none. I saw some once.

"I don't have a problem with their opinion, I have a problem with their actions."

Well, I ask you: What actions? I'm not very active in fandom, I mostely lurk so maybe I'm missing something here, but it's just a mailing-list people can suscribe to. Or am I not seeing something here?

"Where did I say I wanted a romance on the show?"

I wasn't implying you wanted it on the show. I was saying that I don't want it on the show. And you posted this: "we just want a little resolution, and of course a kiss would be lovely :) Considering that this is a storyline that TPTB initiated 6 years ago, I don't think that's too much to ask." so I assumed you wanted it on the show...

"Alas, just because you didn't see it doesn't mean it wasn't there."

No, it doesn't. And that wasn't what I meant, but rather that it wasn't an integral, obvious part of the show. You can now argue that it was and that I just didn't see it, and that wouldn't get us anywhere because that really is all about opinions.

No links there, but I very much doubt that there are none. I saw some once.

Ah, that's persuasive.

Well, I ask you: What actions?

Creating a list of sockpuppets for no reason but no make themselves look more numerous.

so I assumed you wanted it on the show...

A kiss isn't a romance. And if the characters got together after the show was over, it wouldn't be an on-screen romance.