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I have no idea (well, only a very vague idea) what American Hustle is about, and it takes place during a period of time I have absolutely no interest in. Yet I'm seriously considering seeing it theaters.

I will have to sit in the back corner so I can freely snicker at Jeremy's hair.
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I am SO going to see it. The snippets of dialogue I've seen are fabulous, the clothes and dos cringeworthy, and the acting flawless. Jeremy Renner channelling Joe Pesci! Plus, intelligent story-telling. What's not to love?
It's just not my usual fare. I mean, people are already talking about it being nominated for Oscars. I usually run the opposite direction from those.
You should let your inner fangirl out and admit you are going just to admire the Renner ass. You know it's true.
It is SO not my kind of movie. I am chalking this one up on the "Movies I saw only for YOU, dear actor crush, and don't think that I don't keep a tally" list. ^_^
LOL yes precisely.

Also, I find Bradly Cooper *extremely* irritating - no doubt a holdover from my Alias days when I yearned to punch Will in the face on a weekly basis - and I think I have managed to never see a movie of his. Good thing I'm fans of Jennifer Lawrence, Christian Bale and Amy Adams to balance his ass out...

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