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FIC: From Fire by Fire (1/15) by allisnow

Title: From Fire by Fire
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Clint/Natasha
Summary: The sequel to White Blank Page. After returning to New York - and their lives as Avengers - the return of Sloane Fisher leads to more than Natasha and Clint bargained for.
Warnings: This author has chosen not to use warnings. Please see AO3 for additional tags.
Author notes: Many, many thanks to madjm for taking on this monster as my beta. <3 This story was my 2012 NaNo. I 'won' in that I wrote 50,000 words. This ended up being more than twice that. White Blank Page is sort of required reading, as the two stories are very closely related.

Part One @ AO3
Tags: fic
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