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What's a character in a fantasy setting that would be analogous to a robot or AI in a sci-fi setting? Does that question even make any sense? A kind of fantasy character who's seen as not really human, kind of less than human? Besides a fairy or something. I don't do fairies.
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Hmm, well it's not even so much not human as not person in an alive sense I suppose. As in aliens may be more of an equivalent to a fairy. AI or robots for me are made by people, something perhaps considered unusual if it had automony or a soul of it's own and yet in stories it may gain one. A golem? Or if you're looking for something or non-personhood maybe something without a soul, or if you're looking for something bound to obey another without choice a djinn? A created type spirit creature?

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Hmm, I do like the idea of a djinn. Of course, I just reread the Bartimaeus Trilogy which has a lot of good material on djinn being sentient creatures vs just being humans' servants... a very good (if kind of sad) series if you've never read it...

I tend to conceive stories starting with relationships between characters, more than setting or plot or anything, and what I have so far is a group of travelers in an enemy land (including the non-human) and they end up falling in with one of the bad guys (or he falls in with them) and either due to his religion or culture or just personality, even though he's been a 'bad guy' he sees more humanity in the non-human than most of the 'good guys' do... And the non-human is female, of course, and there's ship, because I must ship.
I read that a while back. I enjoyed the banter and the politics. The ending works, but yeah, an ouchy one!

Ah, okay, I can see where a golem may not work if you're going to have a human fall for them. I mean, it may, but you'd have a person of clay and a person of flesh...unless they could appear to be other than clay, like very realisitic humanoid robots *shrugs*. Otherwise a creature enslaved or commanded to a task like the djinn. Or you could just pick a creature or make one up, and just de-humanise them in the eyes of the other characters.
Well, there's always the bewitched/cursed/metamorphosed critter, or thing, or disembodied voice, which can be anything, really -- from an enchanted reed to a war horse (the witch of the Westmereland?) or a frog. Someone whose humanity has been taken by Evil Machinations. (ever see The Ghost and Mrs Muir? He wasn't quite there, pretty transparent in fact, but there was sure a lot of shipping going on with the deceased Captain). And depending on how bitter/sweet you want the thing to be, the curse can be broken and they can get busy consummating the relationship. (Or not.)

ETA: A Naiad?

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Well, I want something pretty humanoid, to help with the shipping part. And since I'm kind of using Aya and Razer's relationship from Green Lantern: TAS as my jumping off point, I like the idea of her being seen primarily as a tool for the 'real' humans. Maybe the humans need some kind of supernatural creature's help in order to defeat the enemy, but they aren't seen as particularly holy or worthy of reverence... they've just become a part of everyday life.
Voting for the golem concept--it's so very analogous to a robot. Artificial being created from clay, meant to serve mankind, animated by magic and can be deactivated by erasing some of the letters written on it. Not likely to get closer than that, I'm imagining!
Magically conjured avatar personality? It has a body and a personality, but isn't considered a person because it wasn't born, it was made.