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Lordy I'm bored

last good cry: geeze, I dunno. probably back during the last week of school
last library book checked out: yeah, as if.
last movie seen: city slickers
last book read: currently reading dean koontz's "the door to december"
last cuss word uttered: "asshole"
last beverage drank: currently drinking root beer
last food consumed: tuna sandwich
last crush: *blank look*
last phone call: jamie called from school to say he'd be late
last tv show watched: x-files "field trip" -- only the first half.
last time showered: this morning
last shoes worn: white sandles
last cd played: celine dion "falling into you"
last item bought: drugs
last downloaded: a picture of my kitty
last annoyance: toes
last disappointment: mom
last soda drank: root beer, but i mentioned that
last thing written: letters to rcc and bh
last key used: the key to my car
last word spoken: "what?"
last sleep: last night... a whole 6 hours
last im: kelly
last weird encounter: this and this
last ice cream eaten: rocky road
last time wanting to die: ha
last time in love: pphhff
last time hugged: this morning
last chair sat in: the one i'm in right now
last lipstick used: yesterday, berry red
last underwear worn: blue and white pattern
last bra worn: peach-colored
last shirt worn: blue and white flowered (ooh, I match)
last time dancing: high school?

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