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SHIELD liveblog

Mysteriously floating bodies... they did this on Fringe. Only without the lightning :)

Every time they start talking about Coulson's health I get twitchy... :\

Fitz is so silly...

Adam Cross makes me think Aaron Cross...

Cap reference!

Ooh May doing interrogations. With cookies.

It amuses me that Ward had to sit in the backseat by himself.

OMG Melinda you're awesome.

Ooh Battle of New York first responders. And Chitari tech?

Alien virus? Not good.


*has so many Phil feelings*

May's having them too...

Who's Phil's PT?

"You'd tell me if something was wrong." "Of course."

Simmons! :(

Ward wants to protect his people...

"Don't even think it." "I don't have to. That's your job." *heart breaks*

*has first FitzSimmons feelings*

Science montage!


Hey Action Ward gets to do something!

Dayum that was exciting. For a second I thought they were actually going to ace her.


LOL Ward mocking her mocking him.

Heavy on the iron?

Oh poor Phil... he knows...

Does May know?

Have I mentioned I love May?

*flails with Phil love*
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