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Icons from Agents of SHIELD 1x01

Nothing special here. Just brushing up on my icon-making skillz and familiarizing myself with how the show is shot: colors, framing, that kind of thing. Every show/movie has its own challenges... in this case it's low-light, which, when you brighten the cap, makes people look washed out.

Anyhoo, if there's anything you like here, these are free to good homes. Comments/credit appreciated. All pretty non-spoilery caps from the pilot episode, with an emphasis on Coulson and the girls.


101_4 x 101_5 x 101_14

01 101_1 02 101_2 03 101_3

04 101_4 05 101_5 06 101_6

07 101_7 08 101_8 09 101_9

10 101_10 11 101_11 12 101_12

13 101_13 14 101_14 15 101_15

16 101_16 17 101_17 18 101_18
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