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SHIELD livetweet. Except it's not live because I'm watching on DVR. Shut up.


Hmm Coulson's just full of energy...

"Have you ever heard of Steve Rogers?" Teehee. Yes I still get giggly every time they make an MCU reference.

So I"m thinking by the end of the season - or sweeps? - they're going to have a whole pantheon of new supers.

I think the biggest mistake made in the pilot was talking Ward up so much. You can't compare him to Natasha in terms of espionage and then show him, well, not living up to that. Unless he got made on purpose for some reason that's not apparent yet.

Oh Skye you naughty girl.

Oooohhh Melinda... mom is not happy.

Dad is disappointed too :(

"So are you guys just going to destroy all my stuff?" "Yes." Hey, at least girlfriend's honest.

Uhoh more "bad" guys who are POC. Better find a high horse to get up on, Tumblr.

Miles you dumbass.

Ooooh Phil's gonna kick some ass. *wibbles*

And Melinda is too? *hopes, and wibbles more*

Yay Melinda!

Uhoh there goes Kwan.

"So we're good, right?"

Little penis-measurement going on there between Miles and Ward?

"Aw, crap. They gave him a name."

Reina's an evil bitch but somehow I kinda like her.

Sucks to be that chick.

"Mr. Chan, we don't want to hurt you, but we have to."

Yeah I'm sorry, Coulson-haters. Phil and Melinda are kind of the best thing.

Well, 'Scorch' isn't going to be in the new pantheon...

"You can't save someone from themselves, sir." "You can if you get to them early enough." WAAAH THAT'S HIS WHOLE PHILOSOPHY RIGHT THERE. *has unexpected Coulson & Clint feels*

Phil chewing out Skye is making me emotional.

Skye is totally grounded.

Hmm, the clairvoyant...

Hmm. That was... weird.

In two weeks? BOOOOO.

Okay, so this might just be the episode that totally hooked me.
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