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Agents of SHIELD time!

Directed by Roxanne Dawson? :D

Okay, how long before the social justice warriors on Tumblr start bitching about the thief being a female person of color? Well, they probably started as soon as the promo aired last week...

So, Phil has a pretty well-established track record of taking in difficult-to-manage strays, doesn't he?

I'm having Phil/Skye feelings. PLATONIC FEELINGS. Like father-daughter feelings. And May is mom.

Uhoh now the female person of color thief is also a victim. TUMBLRERS, REVOLT!

Woo chick fight.

"Where's the I-told-you-so?"
"That's not me anymore."


"Oh my God, Super Spy is ticklish."

Hee Phil/May non-platonic feelings alert. Because I say so.

"Seduce him." LMAO.

"I don't think I'm his type."

Ward/Skye yay :)

"What did they do to him?" Ooooh because what did she see...? *freaks quietly*

I'm going to guess he's not a garden variety clone, then?
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