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But how will we survive without the EPA?

Hey, the federal government is "shut down" and I'm pretty sure the Earth is still turning! Who would have thunk?

Oh yeah... everybody who was paying attention the last time this happened.

Personally I hope the House sticks to their guns. They've offered compromises... time for Reid and Obama to bring something to the table, instead of just bitching.
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It's all stupid, but it would just be a waste of money to make a stupid point.... I'm kinda done with them both. Lol
I don't know if I would say it's stupid. Technically it's how the government is supposed to work, with Congress holding the purse strings, but I don't know that the Fathers anticipated how partisan things might get. Then again, they lived through a revolution... they were pretty familiar with partisan.

I think we can agree that they're all rolling in their graves right now... especially the Federalists...
A black dude is president. They've been rolling around in their graves for years!!! Haha... darn, made myself sad....
The left's answer to reasoned arguments against them: "Racist!!!!"

I'm still stunned that so many people don't recognize an unaffordable, job-sucking power grab when they see one.
It's because people would rather have feelings about things than think them through...
I like to say it's the difference between seeing the world as you think it should be, as opposed to seeing it as it really is.
The mind boggles on this side of the border that political interests would (COULD) hold all the functions of government hostage for the purpose of killing a piece of legislation that was lawfully passed by that same legislature, upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court, and the subject of an election campaign. Up here, we call that democracy -- which means that sometimes, the other guy wins.

Just ... nope, can't wrap my mind around this. Then again, there's a lot of US politics I find baffling. I guess I'll just go for a walk -- on the brandnew titanium hip that our healthcare system gave me at no costs -- and look at the kids in the park who are huffing and puffing and confiscating other kids' toys because they didn't get their way.

What am I missing here? Will someone please explain it to me?
Actually it's not all the functions, it's the 'non-essential' functions. National security, welfare, etc, are all continuing like normal. The big thing the news was talking about today was some museums and parks being closed. Oh the horror.

What the House is trying to do, essentially, is fix parts of the healthcare law that don't work and could further damage the economy, like the tax on new medical innovations and the fact that the individual mandate goes into effect before the employer mandate. Because here's the thing: no one's saying our health care system works perfectly. But IMO Obamacare is a perfect example of "OMG we have to do something! This is something! We have to do it!"

Also, you may have paid nothing out of pocket, but that doesn't make it 'free'.
Oh, I know my hip didn't come "free" - I understand the principle of taxation as well as the next person; I'm in the highest tax bracket. But I prefer to pay equal health care for all through my taxes to having to mortgage my home for the ability to walk. From what I gather, Obamacare was a lowest common denominator deal, not the result of a lack of ambition or appreciation of what really needed to be done.
No, Obamacare was what most federal legislation is... a power grab that assumes the government is going to bring in a lot more money than can be reasonably assumed. The whole thing is practically built on subsidies. It's why Social Security and Medicare, the other federal entitlement programs, are in the red and practically insolvent: this idea that the best way to help people is to give them other peoples' money.