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Iron Man 3

Movie rewatch time! And you all want me to liveblog it, right? Of course you do.

Knowing who Tony's talking to this entire time makes the beginning almost as funny as the end.

Eiffel 65's Blue... takes me back to high school (and yes, in '99 I was a junior).

LOL Happy's hair.

You Know Who I Am.

Tony was such a d-bag, really.

Poor Dummy.

Maybe the Christmastime setting of this movie will seem less weird if I watch it in a couple of months. It was rather jarring in the theaters. Oh well. It works for the purposes of my fic, which is what really counts, right?

"I loved you in A Christmas Story, by the way."

Some people mocked that Tony has panic attacks. As someone who's had panic attacks for the last ten years, I say, screw you.

Pepper, you look fierce.

I figure it's just a matter of time before Happy has his own series.

Superfriends LOL.

Hello giant creepy bunny. (The answer to 'what do you give the girl who has everything?')

Old Tony could never have admitted that he was a "pippin' hot mess." *wibbles*

I remember being confused about this part: was sweaty guy (Taggart) supposed to blow up? The bald dude seemed surprised. What triggered it?

Tony lurking in Happy's room. Watching Downton Abbey.<3

They had to make this a personal thing between Tony and 'The Mandarin' in order to explain why this didn't become a SHIELD/Avengers thing, right?

"Are we still at Ding-Dong?"

"He's thirteen." *Tony does a full-body twitch* LMAO that was beautiful.

The suit going to Pepper... for some reason, the first time, I thought it was a mistake. But the "I got you" and "I got you first"... obviously he meant for that to happen.

OMG the robots... totally broke my heart. Way more than the suits.

JARVIS to the rescue!

"That's brisk."

And now he's really all by his lonesome...

Okay, I love Tony's scenes with the kid. No cuteness, no coddling.

"Is that Iron Man?" "Technically I am." I think it's quite interesting, the whole addressing Iron Man as a seperate entity from Tony. And how he uses the suits as security blankets until at this point in the movie he can't anymore... Also, what are the chances he really does have PTSD? Pretty good, I'd think.

I also remember being confused about why the redhead was scarred up. Shouldn't Extremis have fixed that?

I think I'm going to add to my headcanon Natasha teaching Tony some of those moves.

"Admit you. You need me. We're connected."

Okay, had to take an intermission for munchies.

So, why did Extremis want the guy's file? Because it connected him to AIM?

Cowboy Tony and Stan in the pageant and the Tony fanboy LOL

I wonder if RDJ is as good with the fanboys as Tony is.

I'd like to know where he's getting the money for all this stuff he buys.

This is by far the strangest part of the movie... the reveal of The Manchurian. It's like a far creepier Austin Powers.

OMG I love the henchmen.

"You... you breathe fire? Okay."

"Honestly, I hate working here, they are so weird." Possibly the best line of the movie.

I really love the Rescue in the Air scene. Reminds me of the movie Air Force One. Love the banding-together-to-save-each-other thing.

"He's a chunky monkey, let's go get him."

House Party Protocol!

The whole thing kind of gives JARVIS the chance to kick butt too. Alli like.

For a moment I was like, damn, are they really going to kill Pepper? That's dark.

Hm, I just noticed that Tony's wearing an AIM shirt.

Tony's suits coming apart constantly reminds me of the Millenium Falcon's hyperdrive constantly failing in TESB.

"I got nothin'."

Man Pepper's been wanting to beat the crap out of Tony's suits for a whle now, hasn't she?

The ending montage is making me choke up a bit...

Bye bye little baby arc reactor :(


I am Iron Man. <3

The ending credits make me think even more of the Austin Powers movies, and the movies that inspired them.

You know I didn't realize until now that "Ho Yinsen" was the guy from the first movie. Aww :( The other guy from the 1999 scenes, Dr. Wu... I guess he had an extended role in the Chinese cut of the film. Otherwise his inclusion is kind of weird. They could have anybody do the surgury on Tony at the end.

"I'm sorry. I'm not that kind of doctor." Oh Bruce. SCIENCE BROS 4EVA.
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