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A little more on Agents of SHIELD

So yes, I liked it, but here's some more thinky thoughts because reasons.

There's room for improvement, but as a pilot, this had the building blocks of a good series. The dialog was snappy and the references - with great power, etc, and the callbacks to the various MCU movies - were smart. Coulson stepping out of the shadows... the porcupine/poop... Skye getting snatched mid-tirade... lots of little amusing tidbits.

A few people have pointed out Wade as a weak point. Well, they've said they don't like him, but I think what they really mean is he was a weak point. He was one of the first characters introduced, and we're supposed to believe that he's a solitary nuke-disarming badass who's almost as good as Natasha... and to believe that, I need to see more than him stealing a guy's palm-print, breaking into his apartment, getting caught and beating up some guys. The rest of the characters we really just got a glimpse of, and it's equally hard to judge them based on that. But I want to know more about all of them. Alllllll.

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