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Woke up to the sound of rain... a very welcome sound, I should say, after an extremely dry summer. It's still pretty warm outside, so I have the back doors open and the lamps on and am waiting to hear some thunder :) Of course, I'm driving out to my aunt's later, so I hope the storm gets the big stuff out of its system in the next couple hours!

Did some housework this morning - nothing major, just general decluttering for the most part - and now I'm lounging in bed, procrastinating on writing. Nothing new there. I think the problem is that I'm coming up to the climax and the denouement of the story. I only know the rough details of the former, but I've obsessed over the latter so much that I've actually resigned myself to having to cut out large parts of what I've envisioned, or at least writing them later as one-shots and spin-offs. I haven't actually written any of it - didn't want to pull a Deathly Hallows epilogue, if you know what I mean - but I've thought about it so many times I'm worried that nothing I write will be able to live up to what I want. And when you've worked on a story like this for almost a year, that kind of pressure can really screw with the muse.
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