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Stuff that's yet to hit the stands...

For some reason, previewing some of my WiPs seemed like a good idea... here goes nothing:

March 27, 2007 -- The sequel to 2005 and 2006. I feel like I've been brainstorming this story for eons; the conclusion just wouldn't come to me. Plus it didn't help that I put all kinds of restrictions on myself to keep the 'style' of this fic the same as the first two... I'm neurotic when it comes to that kind of balance. But I think I have it now, it's in my head... it's just a matter of getting it on paper. Or the computer screen, such as it is.

Sleepers -- Yeah, people are most likely getting tired of hearing me talk about this. Too bad ;) My first long story that even comes close to gen, although the tale focuses on Jack and Sam (in that order) and the existence of the ship isn't ignored or covered up. I'm not really sure what genre category it falls into. Intrigue, sure. Maybe a teeny bit of whumping. Action/adventure? Hard to say. Crazy mix of plots, ploys, ideas and a smattering of original characters? Oh yeah *g*

From the Ashes -- This one is actually completed and awaiting zine publication *clears throat* In the interests of that, all I'll say is it's certainly different from what I usually do... it's a little darker, a little weirder. Then again, I think all my stuff is weird. And no comments from the peanut gallery.

Babylon -- *sigh* I'm not even sure what to think about this one anymore. It's the sequel to Andromeda, horrible epic monster that it was, and I got to chapter 5 (Yes... that would be 'Babylon 5'. Yall can stop sniggering now) before I got stuck. I think it's a combination of factors. For one, it's S/J est. relationship, which is difficult to begin with. Secondly, well, I'm still working to get past the freak-induced Daniel Block I have going on, so I can actually write him again. Thirdly... well, you know how it goes. The urgent desire to see a certain story come to life cycles around, ebbs and flows, blah blah blah.

Things That Go Bump -- This is annoying the hell out of me because it's really so close to being done (although I'm not sure how many people will be impressed with where it leaves off. Oh well. Epilogues are always possible.) but I just can't manage to finish it. Again the Daniel Block isn't helping matters; the story is very structured in that every character gets a chapter that belongs to them, and yup, you guessed it, Danny's up next. I think I need to go watch some more S1 episodes to get my annoyance with FH out of my system... and resist the urge to rewrite the entire fic post-Redemption II *eg*

Until the Next Time -- Reincarnation fic. Very freaky. Very weird. Shippy in a sick, twisted way. I can't promise that this one will ever see the light of day... and you may thank me for that ;)

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