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Oh, Bones angst. I missed you.

ETA: Speaking of TV on FOX, did anyone watch Sleepy Hollow tonight? How was it? I'm doing to DVR it and do some writing/editing after Bones, but it'd be nice to know what people thought.

ETA2: Gosh Freddie's looking... mature?
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It had some interesting elements. It was kind of like a combination of the original book and the Tim Burton version but with the modern stuff thrown in.

Some of it was kind of predictable. Some of it reminded me a lot of Thor. I really didn't like the death at the end.

I think it's hit or miss about whether I pursue it. I might just because there's nothing else on at that time...that I recall.
I think with new shows you have to give them a couple episodes... some of my favorite shows had kind of rocky pilots. Is there ship?
I'm not the best person to ask abut ship since I seem to spot things that aren't there. Then, again, I mentioned Natasha/Steve in two separate Avengers review posts and now people are saying that Steve/Natasha in Winter Soldier would be out of the blue...

Already I predict at least four, maybe five ships just from the pilot alone.
Not yet...unless you count Headless Horseman/Ichabod which is really inevitable internet-wise.