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I've finally reopened my fic file. Of course, after such a long vacation from writing, that means I'm spending tonight reading over all 82,000+ words and making some small edits. It's really the only way I can get myself back into the flow of the story. It's amazing how after working on this thing for almost a year, I can still find typos and errors and just turns of phrase that don't work... extraneous adjectives and imprecise wording. On the other hand, I can also still find those turns of phrase and bits of dialog that make me smile and think, wow, I actually wrote that!

I'd start brewing some coffee, but at night I find it's just as likely to put me into a coma as keep me awake.
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That's a coincidence: After a five day break from working on my novella, I just reopened it a few minutes before reading your post. I'm also getting ready to start reading it over, also with small edits, for the same reason. It wasn't good timing for a break, but I probably needed one.
That's exactly how I get back into a story -- going over, editing, removing, rephrasing. Sometimes, the story ends up reshaped due to a few altered words. But there's no better way to return into a world you left behind for a while.

I look forward to reading this piece when you start to post!