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I don't know if I'm going to do NaNo this year. Part of me is like, yeah, you've won three years in a row now, keep it going; you're living in a new area, there might be a good regional group in the area and the other part of me is like but you haven't finished a single one of those stories, including the ridiculously long fic you did for NaNo12 and STILL HAVE NOT FINISHED A YEAR LATER. Besides, the CoCo NaNo group was fine, you just didn't click with any of them, and who's to say a new group would be any different?

Part of me wants to challenge myself to finish my fic in September/October and be able to focus on something original in November. Part of me wants to rewrite my NaNo10 story. Part of me wants to start working right now -- either on the rewrite, or on a new story idea I had a week ago based on a series of really weird dreams.

I guess I have time to work some of this out. A little, anyway. It's still frustrating.
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