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Movie night

Watched the movie Beautiful Creatures tonight after seeing it complimented in the comments for an article on City of Bones (wow that was a complicated sentence).

I seem to remember it being billed as a sort of "gender-reversed Twilight," where the human guy falls in love with the supernatural girl, and the comparison alone made me write it off, but I thought it was surprisingly good. Not all of the visual effects were up to the standards of the acting (Jeremy Irons, Viola Davis, Emma Thompson) but the leads had good chemistry, you cared about the characters, and most importantly there was humor -- the mysterious, powerful wizard's love of Google, the misspelled movie marquees, the 'southernisms,' etc.

I still don't understand why Hollywood insists on having 15/16 year olds played by people in their mid-20s, but whatever. It was harmless fun.
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