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Honestly, I'm NOT dressing for the job I want.

Something kind of funny happened at work today.

I was out in front of the school before the bell rang, just monitoring the area as kids came in and watching the fifth graders who were helping the little kids cross the street, when a parent comes up to me with a little kid in tow and says, in an annoyed tone, "I need to talk to you and my son's teacher."

Me, surprised because I don't know her and the kid is only somewhat familiar: Who is his teacher?

Her: Ms. P.

Aside: Ms. P and I aren't BFFs. I have no idea why this woman is ticked off at me, but I'm happy to throw Ms. P under the proverbial bus.

Me, still a little thrown off: Ms. P is probably in her classroom getting things ready for the day... can I help you with something?

Her: She told my son he can't wear his jacket and hat.

Aside: Yeah so I have a hard time believing that, even from Ms. P. She might have pointed out that his jacket and hat weren't strictly adhering to the uniform, but as long as the kids make an effort on the shirt/pants part, we generally overlook things like jackets and hats. She might have said that he couldn't wear his hat inside... I honestly have no idea.

Me, trying to remember if I've had any run-ins with this kid about jackets or hats while I'm working in Ms. P's class: This sounds like something you might want to talk to the principal about.

Her, deadpan:'re not the principal?

Insert a lot of embarrassed laughter on her part, and introductions on mine.

Her: I'm sorry, I thought you were...

Aside: At this point she gestured to my outfit, which was a pair of houndstooth-print slacks and a lime-green slubbed shirt. You know, not ALL teachers dress in mom jeans, knit sweaters and fingerpaint-covered aprons. Granted, we have several very unfashionable people on staff. I am not one of them.

Me, also laughing: No problem, I'm flattered.

So I gave her the principal's name and sent her up to the office to complain about whatever Ms. P had done. I had a brief moment of wondering, "Gosh, do I really look old enough to be the principal of an elementary school?" Then again, I don't think our new principal is a lot older than me.

(Apparently, however, she should be out doing traffic duty in the morning!)
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