I'm still sort of...it doesn't seems like the end to me right now, but it was good, Fry/Leela was always my main ship with secondary Amy/Kif.
I've always been a Fry/Leela freak. There's just something endearing about his sweet cluelessness and her prickly feistiness and the lengths he was willing to go to for her... *melts* The 'original' season finale was The Devil's Hands and although I was sad to see it end I thought it was an adorable finale. And then... it came back, and it wasn't addressed, and it was on again-off again, and so freaking frustrating... all to say that I'm so happy they made the last episode Fry and Leela-centric. :D

(I do wish they had touched again on Amy and Kif, and what's going on with them, however. I love them also.)
I guess this way we're free to come up with whatever ending we want for Amy and Kif and not be contradicted.

As much as I love Leela, Fry was always my favorite character...and I got him in the blind box, yay!...but anyway, the first time time I found that Coulson's badge listed him as Philip J. Coulson....I laughed so much.