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Avengers Assemble: Molecule Kid

Molecule Man? Is that the best you can do?

Ha, Clint's old costume. Hilarious flashbacks are hilarious.


Oh come on, you guys are better secret agents than that.

"Totally knew you would do that."

I can't decide if I find their bickering adorable or... okay, it's always adorable.

Almost as adorable as Natasha hanging onto Clint's waist.

"I see you as more of a hot dog."

Uhoh Nat's gonna need another convertible. She's almost as hard on them as Nancy Drew.

"That's Russian for you're welcome."

Hee more waist-hugging.

"Can we just mommy-talk him before he destroys the city?" "Mommy-talk? You did not just say that with me positioned to kick you in many painful places."

"Honey?!" "Yes dear?" *dies laughing*

LOL Steve's like... children.

"Stop fighting!" Yeah! You tell them!

"Nice. Great. Can we go home now?"

Um, isn't that killing, like, thousands of people? (I guess not...)

Okay the whining from Junior is getting to be a bit much.


"Uhoh. Hall monitor."

Nicky, lol.

LOL fist bump adorable.
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Oh come on, you guys are better secret agents than that. I kept thinking that, and then remembering, "Kids' show!" so I got over it. ^_^ "Honey?" "Yes, dear?" was my favorite moment.