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Hmm, was there no Avengers Assemble this morning? I forgot to go set it to record, and I'm not seeing it on any of the torrent sites :\
It was on (and Natasha was even in it!), but I haven't seen it anywhere.

Apparently the next episode will be Clint and Natasha centric!
Yay! Can you post a link to wherever that can be seen? (I can't seem to get myself organized enough to watch -- or find ... -- it when it's on ... ) PLEASE??? :-)

I'm currently downloading all the episodes (in flv format) from a torrent site. Do you do torrents? If not I could probably upload them somewhere in the next couple of days.
I have no clue how to do torrents ... I am so not kidding when I describe myself as a dinosaur!! :-( But don't trouble yourself on my account -- I'm sure it'll turn up on youtube sooner rather than later! Thanks, though!! *hugs*