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Just opened my epic Avengers fic for the first time in... well, probably close to a month. I keep reminding myself that I started this thing back in November, for NaNo '12, that I actually wrote 50,000+ words during that first month... and 30,000 or so in the 7+ months since. I guess it's true... deadlines really can work miracles.

Dad and I rewatched Mission Impossible 4 tonight, and I was hoping that would give me a little momentum or at least some motivation to write, but now I'm sitting in my bedroom at mom and dad's and he's watching Red Eye (the FNC show, not the movie) and I have the beginnings of a headache and I think, well, it'll be easier to focus on writing tomorrow while he's at work and mom's up in Pioneer with the cousins. Except I know that tomorrow I'll be able to think of another perfectly good excuse.

Had the inspection done on the house I'm hoping to buy. Neither the heater or the AC are working and there's a good bit of dryrot here and there, plus a kind of dilapitated back porch, and with everything the inspector came up with almost $9,000 dollars worth of work for me to pay him to do. Of course his prices are inflated and I'm going to get a second opinion from one of my folks' friends who has a handyman/referral service, but we also asked the seller to give me a credit -- not the full amount, but about half. Waiting to hear what she says. It's a competitive market so she might just say no, and figure I'll either stick it out, or that the next buyer to come along won't care about the condition of the house. But the fact is that it seems like the place just hasn't been maintained. Hoping I'll hear something tomorrow.
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