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Life update

First of all, I bought two new bras yesterday. Bras that cost more than $19.99 on sale at the department store. Bras that are actually my correct size (36AA). And my girls feel awesome.

Now the real news. Back in May, I sold my condo for a tidy profit and started looking for a new place closer to work. But it's a really difficult market right now. Lots of people aren't in a place to sell because they still owe more on their place than it's currently worth, or their credit is screwed up. Meanwhile, the houses that are coming onto the market are being snapped up by investors, many of them from China, who know that with the rental market being so competitive, they can make a lot of money that way. And those people usually have cash.

Anyway, I feel like since April I've seen at least a million houses/condos and put offers in on about half of them. The only luck I had was a condo that was a short sale, and the current owner of that place owes money to so many people that even though she accepted my offer, the lenders haven't.

But now (hopefully) it doesn't matter because I had another offer accepted, a regular sale of a regular house! I was actually the back-up offer when the offer they initially accepted fell through. So I've been signing loan docs and arranging for appraisals and inspections and insurance quotes and the phone's been ringing with calls from my mortgage company and title company and agent. The inspections are happening Monday morning, which will be the first time anyone else (besides pixiesio and my agent) has even seen the place. It's a 2/2 just about 1000 square feet, built in '89 and really not updated since, but it seems to have good bones and a lot of potential. I'm sure I'll be taking some pictures.

So... that's what's going on in my life now. Bras and houses!
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Bras are always big news. *nods*

So you're looking for a house now?
I've had an offer accepted and am going through the whole approval process. Escrow is either open or will be soon.
You've reminded me that I really do need to look at getting some new bras. Ugh. I *hate* bra shopping! Glad you found some you like!

And it's amazing how different housing markets can be across the country. It's insane here too, but for different reasons (we don't seem to have the rental market buying that you do). Will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well with the new place!!
Yeah the CA Bay Area was kind of Ground Zero for the housing implosion, partly because real estate is so expensive out here. So a lot of people lost their houses/screwed up their credit and are pretty much forced to rent. It's kind of a hot mess.