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So I read my first comic today, courtesy of the internet. For research purposes. It was interesting, but I don't think there's any danger of it becoming a habit.
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Ah. I haven't read that one. The current Hawkeye series (which is excellent) is going to feature Barney soon.
Yeah, I've seen a lot of the Fraction series on tumblr, but his Clint is a little too much of a sad sack for my liking.

Is his Barney going to be a bad guy too? (Blindspot has him back from the dead, but not really dead, but 'resurrected' by the purple guy with the fur stole and trained by a dying Trick Shot and then he saved Clint but still wants to kill him and Jesus comics are worse than daytime soap operas.)

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Well, I thought that, too. And then I got sucked into the Matt Fraction Hawkeye series. And then my collection went from 2 to 10 at Comicon, over, like, two days. And now I am waiting for the #11 -- and cursing the fact that I will be somewhere between North Africa and Europe when it comes out.
Well, as I said to sugar, Fraction's Clint is a little too pathetic for my tastes. In my headcanon, MCU Clint is much more mature and competent ;)
I would tend to agree with that, actually, and he's not the Clint I write (that would be movie!Clint and what I saw in the 10% of the Ultimates comic book I haven't finished (I lost it somewhere in the family room ...). But I still like the Fraction ones. Can't really say why. The flawed humanity, maybe?
PS: I will admit to being bugged by the fact that Kate seems to need to rescue him every 5 minutes.

LOL, I definitely got that impression from tumblr. And good to them for writing her as a kick-ass chick, but I do hate it when the 'strong woman' *has* to come at the expense of the guy. Let's have a little balance, right?
I really don't think Kate outshines him or her awesomeness comes at his expense. Those bits do tend to get screencapped more often, but always found their dynamic very equal. Fraction's Clint may be an overgrown man-child, but I got the impression that Kate is often overcompensating in a typical teenage way. She's not perfect either. And while Fraction has said that Clint and Kate won't ever have sex, I think Kate does have a bit of a crush on Clint and shows off because of it.

And I did like how Natasha and Bobbi teamed up with Jessica Drew to tell Clint "hey, we love you, but cheating on your girlfriend is really not cool."
And I did like how Natasha and Bobbi teamed up with Jessica Drew to tell Clint "hey, we love you, but cheating on your girlfriend is really not cool."

Well, I know when I think of Marvel comics, the first things that comes to mind are scenes exactly like that ;)
Those scenes are few and far between, in my experience. Mostly it's everyone yelling at each other and acting like teenagers in high school. At least Natasha and Bobbi acted like rational adults. Jessica less so, but then, she did just find out her boyfriend cheated on her.