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Remember how we talked about 'overwarning?'

This is from a comm I'm a member of... I don't think I'm breaking any netiquette by posting this since it's a public comm and everything, and really, I don't want to pick on them per se, but...

Additional Warnings: abuse (child, domestic, animal), ableism, bullying, eating disorders, homophobia, misogyny, racism, slavery, transphobia, victim blaming, or Choose Not To Warn (CNTW).

I mean, I guess I give them props for including a CNTW option, but... I just... I mean... are we really to the point as an online society where when I post a story I have to wonder if I'm going to get dinged by mods, reviewers, reccers - whatever - because I didn't warn that there was bullying in my story? What does that even mean? If Character A is being pissy with Character B, is that just because Character A is kind of an ass? Or is it bullying? How about misogyny? If A is a man and B is a woman, is it bullying and misogyny? What if a minor character makes a rude comment to a female main character? Is that warn-worthy? And is someone's whole day going to be ruined if mention the pre-Civil War American South, or should I take 'slavery' in the strictly modern-day sense?

In honor of tonight's GoT finale:

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