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Having a girly day today

I woke up way too early because I forgot to turn off my alarm clock and then the cats wanted to be fed. So I got up and went out and got a bagel. (I'm going to miss my favorite bagel place when I move.) Made a stop at Target while I was out. But that wasn't the girly part.

Since I've been home, I've...

Used this sugar-oil-citrus scrub on my legs and they feel pretty great.

Completed my bathing-suit prep with the help of Sally Hansen. (FYI, Sally > Nair. I actually don't feel like I burned my ladyparts off, which is a nice change.)

Gave myself a mini-mini-manicure with some cuticle remover, nail polish/hardener and some more of the sugar scrub.

Now, of course, the fun stuff is over and I'm starting laundry. But at least my legs feel great!

The bagel place I mentioned before is pretty busy on Sundays. I took my notebook and managed to get about a page of writing done, but it was hard to concentrate... not because it was busy - if I couldn't tune out ambient noise, I wouldn't bother taking my notebook - but because of this super-annoying kid. He was about six, I'd guess, and he was just generally a pain in the ass. Wandering around the cafe, hanging on the door, yelling at his parents, knocking over a stack of baskets from over the trash can... and of course the parents are the bad guys, here, because they never once told him to sit his butt down, just ignored it. As a teacher, I want to smack parents like that, because if you don't teach them to listen to and respect you, what chance do I have?

There was another kid there, however, who made me smile. He was about four, maybe a young five, and when the little monster knocked over the trays this kid got out of his seat, walked over, picked them up and - by stretching up on his tip-toes, put them back on top of the trash bin. Everyone in sight awwed. Later, when his family left, he walked up on the other side of the glass where I was sitting, knocked on the window, and waved at me.

Woman sitting across from me: "He is so cute."

I noticed Cutie's dad, after the wife and kid were in the car, walked all the way back into the cafe to throw away his empty soda cup, instead of just leaving it in the parking lot as you know a lot of people would.

It's really all about the parenting.

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