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So I'm chatting with this guy *watches half her f-list pass out from the shock* on an android app and he asks what's up and part of me just wants to be really honest and say well I'm getting ready to transcribe a couple pages of Avengers fanfiction while I experiment with some Sally Hansen hair remover and also watching my four cats romp around while I consider making another fanmix for fictional characters just to see what happens.
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Sounds like conversations I have with my husband on a daily basis. Except I can't do fan mixes, and I'm allergic to cats.
Literally the other week I decided that instead of responding, "Nothin' really" when people ask, "What's new?" I was going to give them the honest answer of, "Many nice things but none of 'em are interesting to anyone but me." Because, really, when you've read a great fanfic or seen a great tv show episode or are working on how to get two guys to boink in your own fic, it isn't nothing, is it?
Ha. If I said that to any of my coworkers, not to mention family, they would take it as an invitation to make it their mission to harass me into spilling the beans. Of course, the truth would probably just mystify them.