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Important questions

Is Hansel & Gretel out on DVD yet? I'm going to have to watch it again before I can decide if it's...

a) so bad it's good

b) so bad you can't look away

c) bad but so full of Rennery goodness that I don't care
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It's CAAAAAMP. It's self-aware action adventure fantasy comedy! The script isn't as clever as it ought to be, though, but it's still popcorn-camp goodness.
I agree. It's good camp, doing exactly what it set out to achieve, namely, to evoke that "are you $#@%^ kidding me???" reaction in both protagonists and audience alike.

I think it's out next week. It was on the touch screens on both my Air Canada flights this week.
Yes, most definitely camp, but there's different levels of camp. Like "we're trying to do something here" camp and "we don't really give a crap" camp...
Personally, I thought it was good. It wasn't high-brow, to be sure. It won't win any prestige awards. But it's not meant to. It delivered exactly what it advertised: a fun, uncomplicated, violent horror-comedy.

Also, Renner in leather. YISS.
I don't know if I could convince myself that it was *good* -- it was fun, for sure, and everyone who went into the theater knew not to expect an opus.
"Good clean fun..." well, certainly can't accuse it of that ;)

But yes, movies really come down to personal taste. Which is why I think Professional Movie Critic is a pretty ridiculous job.
(I hit the "comment" button before I was done. Sorry.)

There are different definitions of "good" when it comes to cinema, and creative content in general. There's "good" like Martin Scorsese films that star Daniel Day-Lewis, which win six Oscars (none of them for technical arts) and people lie about having seen at the water cooler the morning after the award show. There are artistically groundbreaking films like Tron: Legacy, which most people don't even remember except that the film regressed Jeff Bridges in age by thirty years and you think oh holy shit.

And then there's movies like H&G. They're not gamechanging or fodder for awards, but what they are is honest; they come as advertised based on the trailers. You know exactly what you're getting, with a few quotable lines tossed in. ("Don't eat the fucking candy.) The rules of the universe are simple, but once established, they're followed. It isn't bogged down by existential crises (you'd think Gretel would freak out learning she's exactly what she's been hunting all these years, but no) or overcomplicated plottings. And the horror-comedy genre is in general unappreciated, despite the cult following of Shawn of the Dead.
I know rite?

Maybe I'm being too hard on it. It was fun, and goofy, and full of Renner-in-leather (with not nearly enough Renner-in-nothing), and at the same time it was absolutely the kind of movie that MST3K would do if it had been made 20 years ago (I was going to say the kind of movie Rifftrax would do, but they do all types of movies, good and bad alike).
I think it is out on DVD? I liked it more than I expected, and I'd definitely echo the thought re - self aware action adventure. The movie definitely doesn't take itself seriously. Also, I like how they could have made a serious movie using the same premise, so there's something beneath the campy gore.

And of course, ALL THE RENNER.
Yes I'm definitely going to have to watch it again to really make up my mind. Hmm what a trial...