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Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore

So, is this considered anime? To be perfectly honest I don't know what constitutes anime.

Tony and Rhodey, you're such boys.

He named the creepy spy satellite after his dad? NOPE NO ISSUES THERE.

"...after my dad, who always looked out for me." WUT.

So Howard is The Machine from PoI?

Whoops. Wasn't expecting that.

The Raiders? Are they from Oakland?


You know I have a habit of kind of tuning out during action scenes. Maybe that's related to the difficulty I have writing them.

"Argh, Tony!" There's Tony and Rhodey's whole relationship in a nutshell.

Well hullo weird dude.


You know the MCU version of JARVIS has a better sense of humor.

You know maybe when you're face to face with a weird floating alien you DON'T want to take off your facemask.

"What the hell just happened?" Okay Nick, I know you've only got one eye...

Hee Maria.

One survivor? *sad face*

Yay Natasha.

Poor Rhodey though.

*snorts at Natasha's costume*

Oh yeah Nick you're all about following the rules.

Whoa hey there buddy who says you get to call her 'Tasha?'

"You bastard." HA. Best line so far.

Hullo creepy people.

Weeelll Pepper, you're looking well.

*slaps Nick around*

*has Rhodey feelings*

Okay Tony you can stop feeling sorry for yourself now.


"He's just a kid." Who killed like 300 people?

Boom chica boom boom.

"It's SHIELD. What'd you do this time?"

That was a... weirdly-paced scene.

"There goes my vacation."

*tunes out of action scenes again*

"Hawkeye and Black Widow," wweeeeee.

And we're back to the weirdos. I think they might have been on acid when they wrote these bits.

Okay who's this fella?

Hmm, The Punisher. Sounds familiar. Did he have a movie or something?

Stane. As in Oby's kid? Hmm.


"That guy? Oh boy. I don't think I brought along enough arrows for this."


Ooh they were about to tell him that Rhodey is alive?

Natasha and Clint on a bike together. YES PLEASE.

My bebes are awesome.

Okay this Punisher guy's an ass but also kind of hilarious.

"I really hate that guy."

Hmm giant floating Oby. Creepy.

Yawn blah blah blah.

"I do know a guy from the 40s."

Is this dweeb supposed to be able to control all technology or something? He doesn't seem to be that great at it.

Oh Clint.

I don't remember Oby having an accent.

Yay Rhodey.

"What's happening?" Yeah everyone else is wondering the same thing. I think the writers lost a page of the script somewhere.

Ew, arm.

"Howard has the power to access every computer in the world." Yeah that was some great planning there, Tony.


So this is all about daddy issues?

Okay that was gross.

Hi pookies.

"You are in imminent danger." No shit, JARVIS.

Yay Rhodey.

Hello giant floating marshmallow thing.

Tony/Pepper feeeels. "You talk in your sleep." LOL.

"Skiing in Asgard? Safari in the Savage Land?"

Okay what's the deal with the chick?

So, um, that was... entertaining. The story didn't make a whole lot of sense in places but the animation was pretty in its way and there were some laffs.
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