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I need an upstairs coffee maker and a downstairs coffee maker.

- Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

- Along those lines... it's a holiday and I didn't go to sleep until like 3am and it's not even 9am now and I'm up. I'm up because cats demanded that I get up and feed them, and every time I pushed them away and went back to sleep the little bastards came back. I guess I'll take a nap later.

- I'm re (rererererere)reading Emily of New Moon now that it's finally on Nook. Overall I think I might love the Emily series even more than the Anne books, because the later Anne of Green Gables books focused too much on new characters I didn't care about and not enough on Anne and Gil being an awesome couple, which is unfortunate. The Emily books are, in my opinion, a tiny bit darker with a larger measure of fantasy/supernatural stuff thrown in, which is awesome. That said... I'm at the part now where Emily meets Dean and every time my brain just goes Nope. Dude if I had a twelve year old girl and a thirty-six year old man kept wanting to hang out with her he'd soon be missing some thirty-six year old man-parts.

- Is it considered 'ironic' that liberals on the Internet (at least I'm assuming most of 'em identify as liberal of one stripe or another) are in such a constant state of pique over Hollywood - both in the movies and TV sense - not properly representing minorities, when Hollywood is a well-established bastion of liberalism? I mean, you'd think the folks in H'wood would know better, right?

- Anyone watching Sanditon? Not feeling it so far, I'm afraid. Most people don't know anything about the original, so there's nothing to hang onto. And so far it's all concept and a couple characters with no plot, conflict, love interests... Yawn.

- Argh Kick-Ass Torrents is down. Time for breakfast, I suppose.
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I agree completely on Sanditon; it's not compelling in any real way. I'm going to stick it out, mostly because I get update emails, but my heart's just not in it. A shame, because Gigi is adorable. And I live for every mention of William's (and Lizzy's!) name.
Yeah, at this point it's just a spinoff that's only worth watching to see if there's any decent crossover back to the original. I'd just about die if Lizzie or Darcy had a cameo, but I don't care about the ice cream shop becoming a juice bar or Gigi going on a tour or the mayor being a weirdo. And Domino was always one of the weaker narrative aspects of LBD... the last episode with all the fangirls pretending to be from Sanditon was just a hot mess.