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Excuse me if I ramble.

Out of nowhere, three scenes of Epic Unending Fic written tonight. And by 'tonight' I mean 'this morning' cause it's now a little after 2am.

Notice I said 'written,' not 'well-written,' but ya know... details.

I'm a little worried that I'm jumping around in the timeline too much. I think I've actually gone from "This is a sequel to WBP and if you haven't read it you're going to be pretty lost" to "if you haven't read it recently, don't even bother." I didn't try to make them so interconnected, it just... happened.

Speaking of happening, the Tony/Pepper subplot is also still trying to happen. Even though Pepper hasn't actually appeared 'on screen.' And I don't know if it's brilliant or just totally a rotten idea that's going to come out of nowhere and detract from the story and confuse everybody.

*weeps quietly*
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Given the fandom, I think you're safe on a Tony/Pepper subplot. :)
Oh, I don't think it'd be poorly received... I just can't decide if it fits into the story. I think if I decide to do it - and I've got several big scenes before then - I'm going to have to go back and layer in some more Tony/Pepper background stuff. Editing. Blech.
Don't worry, I have a storyline involving Natasha that turned up about two months ago in Epic Of Doom. And...yeah.

Although at least I hadn't started writing the story then!
When it happens before you start writing, that's one thing. I tend to get my Bad Ideas when I'm already neck deep in plot.

Honestly, I'm in Trying to Keep Straight Who Knows What Hell right now.
Diagrams, diagrams, diagrams are my lifeline for that.

Character X knows a, b, c, and e.
Character Y knows b, d, and e.
Character Z knows a, c, f, g, and h...

I may be having a bit of trouble with that myself right now...
Ugh yeah. I already have a timeline in excel to keep track of when things are happening, but I keep having to go back and reread stuff to remind myself who knows what, and who talked to who, and do I have to remind my audience that this character isn't up to speed on the doings of that character?
I'm going with "if they can't keep up with the story, they probably shouldn't be reading it" or possibly "they can read it a second time through".

Bad enough I have to baby my brain through this, I'm not going to baby other people's brains, too!
Yeah, I think my problem is that I'm just too deep into the plot right now. I'm going to have to go back and clean it up later is all.
Yes, thank goodness for them. Poor madjm has been jerked around by me so many times it's a wonder she hasn't given up on me completely...