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Excuse me if I ramble.

Out of nowhere, three scenes of Epic Unending Fic written tonight. And by 'tonight' I mean 'this morning' cause it's now a little after 2am.

Notice I said 'written,' not 'well-written,' but ya know... details.

I'm a little worried that I'm jumping around in the timeline too much. I think I've actually gone from "This is a sequel to WBP and if you haven't read it you're going to be pretty lost" to "if you haven't read it recently, don't even bother." I didn't try to make them so interconnected, it just... happened.

Speaking of happening, the Tony/Pepper subplot is also still trying to happen. Even though Pepper hasn't actually appeared 'on screen.' And I don't know if it's brilliant or just totally a rotten idea that's going to come out of nowhere and detract from the story and confuse everybody.

*weeps quietly*
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