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Avengers Assemble 1x02

Time for part 2!

Natasha's like, shut up, I have a flying car.

Oh Clint.

Oh you did not just criticize her landing.

"Could you say that again into my phone? I want to make it my ringtone."

Mark 50? Someone's been busy.

"See, I can be nice. When I almost die."

"And people wonder why I hate people."

Tony you stoopid.

Clint and Natasha scene... <3

Thor and Hulk sparring for old time's sake. Presh.

You know this version of Cap looks a lot like Chris Evans, at least without his cowl/mask. I'm impressed.

Why do these shows keep trying to make Tony the leader? WHHHYYYY.

"Hate you." "Hate you more." I know I'm not supposed to find this hilarious...

"Mind control, obviously. And P.S., there is something very wrong with you."

Let's be honest, it's kind of an ugly mansion anyway.

"I had stuff in there, you know. Really expensive stuff." "Your comic books? I had them moved to storage three months ago." "Oh! We're cool then."

And now all the baddies band together...

Falcon is Captain Obvious in this series, apparently.

"There is no ladies room. Problem." *chuckle*

"The disappearing Black Widow, everyone. Here, then not." Well she'd better be back, folks...
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