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Avengers/MCU - Natasha Romanoff - Here's to the Damned

florence + the machine - no light, no light

you are the hole in my head
you are the space in my bed
you are the silence in between what i thought
and what i said

emeli sande - kill the boy

i walk around with a bullet on my tongue,
killer written on my face

natalia kills - love is a suicide

who am i
am i the epitome
of everything you hate
and you desire
you love me like an enemy

the civil wars - the girl with the red balloon

keep her glass full of cheap champaigne
she will tell of the man with no name

ingrid michaelson - fire

open heart surgery
that is what you do to me
cut me up, set me free
that is what you do to me

pink - the great escape

i wrote the book on running,
but that chapter of my life will soon be done

kelly clarkson - people like us

they can't do nothing to you, they can't do nothing to me
this is the life that we choose, this is the life that we bleed

sara bareilles - brave

maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live
maybe one of these days you can let the light in

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Notes: This is my Natasha Romanoff 'Between Defecting from the Red Room and Officially Joining SHIELD' fanmix, and it's not based on any particular canon other than the one that lives in my head. Is there a little bit of understated Clint/Natasha there as well? Yes. Yes there is. I will also say that I really really wanted to use a song by Natalia Kills, because that name was made for this mix. Also, The Civil Wars album where I found 'The Girl with the Red Balloon' is called 'Barton Hollow' -- it was FATE.
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It was telling me that one of the tracks was available on Amazon, so the entire file was blocked. I'll try it again, just in case it was doing something weird yesterday.

ETA: Oh, yeah! No error today. Downloading the mix now... and wow, this is fast. Just as I was about to post that I could download this, the pop up window is already telling me it's done. FANTASTIC! :)

(I'm also excited, because lately, the only way I really discover new music is through fanmixes. :D )

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Definitely liking the sounds of this mix. I got so distracted by it that I kinda forgot to do the the other stuff I meant to do on the computer tonight. lol.
Here's another one... I'm thinking maybe if I plunk a few fanmixes like this together, maybe I can figure my way out of a block I have for a story I'm trying to write right now. Well, I know the shape of the story, it's just the stuff that happens in the middle that I have to figure out. :)
Well, not to self-promote (although it's my journal so I guess I can iff'en I want to!) I have a handful of others in the fanmix tag. I made this one this weekend as a way to procrastinate writing, but then today I've gotten almost 3000 words done so maybe it was a bit of writer's block therapy after all :)
I usually have two or three stories that I write concurrently, just because once I get stuck in one, I flip over to another one and pick up where I left off until I get stuck. The smutty bits are usually the easy part... it's actually get there that makes me scratch my head. lol.
I wish I could work on multiple things at once. I think I get a bit too obsessive for my own good sometimes.
It's gotten to the point where I almost feel weird if I'm not working on *something,* so I tend to raid kink memes to look for prompts to work on when I get stuck.

...of course, I'm stuck on this current one. Unless I split it into several stories and do a series instead, but it seems terribly ambitious of me, given that I've written maybe three Avengers fics, and with two of them being porn battle fics, I'm not sure if those count. lol.
It doesn't seem to be all that difficult for me to get into Natasha's head. It's everyone else that seems to be my problem. lol. (Dammit, Loki, start making some frickin' sense so I can figure out the middle of this story... hahaha)