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Oooh oooh oooh it looks like the first episode of Avengers Assemble is online!

*stares intently at utorrent*

Yes! Done, watching!

Tony stalking the other Avengers. Aww. He misses his pals.

Aww yeah buddy. Go help Steve.


"So the Iron Man has a heart after all."

Smart-ass Clint... *hearts*


"Some things never change."

"It's been too long. Too long... like your hair."

Clint the peacemaker. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Ok where's Natasha bitches.

Oh yay.

"So the plan is... there is no plan. I thought he was the smart one."

"Hey, I'm fightin' here!"


"I'm impressed." "Of course you are."

Hahahaha oh boy the Tony/Steve folks are going to be loving this.

Ha Fury doesn't like sharing his agents.

"Is that an acceptable plan, Mr. Hawkeye?" "I'll let you know when it works."

Aw teamwork.

MODOC is like the most pathetic bad guy ever.


Okay... already a million times better than EMH.

ETA: I have an icon :D
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I thought the pacing was off, but I thought Natasha was so much better here than in EMH. I'm still nervous because the website for Avengers Assemble says she's a guest character and I'm worried that means she'll only appear in a handful of episodes, but so far, so good. I liked Clint too.

I agree that this could have been written by a Steve/Tony shipper. :P

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The pacing didn't bother me too much, although there were a couple of jump-cuts that threw me for a second. Re: Natasha, when she radios in to someone about keeping her distance, my first thought was that they were going to do an 'EMH' and try to make us (and the other guys) think that she was working for the baddies. Glad they didn't do that. And she has a flying car, bwahaha. Really hope there's a good response and they have her in lots of episodes.

Smartass!Clint is so different than the Renner-inspired version I have in my head, but on the other hand more like what I understand is his... traditional representation? Which I do enjoy. "I'm not with them." Teehee.
I was worried about them making Natasha evil too. I'm less concerned now, but after EMH I'm worried they'll have her betray the team or something, since Marvel seems convinced that if they repeatedly show they don't care about her, the fans might stop caring too (I'm not bitter about Natasha being the only movie Avenger to not have a solo comic, nooo...). The flying car was awesome!

Smartass!Clint is definitely more like 616!Clint, but I like him. I thought his "I'm impressed" line was flirty, so perhaps we might see some Clint/Natasha later on. ;)

EMH is still very popular with comics fans, but I didn't think it was all that good. It's portrayal of female characters was... not great. I do hope Avengers Assemble gets more female characters later on though, at the moment it's a bit of a sausage fest.
Part of me kind of dug the 'Natasha might be evil' plotline in EMH because it gave Clint angst. I mean, he was wayyy too pissed -- even Bobbi noticed it. I would rather there be C/N angst and conflict than no interaction at all.

EMH is still very popular with comics fans, but I didn't think it was all that good.

AA has some major advantages in my eyes.

- No Ant-Man (yet)
- No Wasp
- No Crayola-colored onsie.
- No Ant-Man.
- No hokey theme song
- Did I mention the lack of Ant-Man? *thumbs up*
The absurdly fast pacing could have put me off except it DIDN'T. It's so fast and funny! And it's clear they love all the characters (Cliiiint! Tasha! HULK!) and want everyone to get their moments; it isn't all the Tony and Steve show, even though Tony (understandably) leads everything Avenger-related these days, doesn't he.

(I kept saying "WHERE'S MY GIRL." every few seconds until Natasha showed up.)
even though Tony (understandably) leads everything Avenger-related these days, doesn't he.

I thought there was a nice nod here, unlike EMH, to the fact that Tony's not a very good leader. He doesn't make plans - he shoots from the hip, attacks without thinking; tactics don't come easily to him - and that he had basically stepped in to fill Cap's shoes. Of course now Steve's in his own body and Tony's kind of a mess so maybe in the next episode their roles will be back to normal ;)

I was worried when no one mentioned her when they were getting the band back together... and then when we found out she HAD been called in as well I was annoyed that no one mentioned her. *sighs* Natasha just can't get enough love.