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The new Outrageous Outrage on Tumblr seems to be that Benedict Cumberbatch is white.


(Warning: I'm assuming there will be Star Trek: Into Darkness spoilers in the comments. Or else just me screaming a lot.)
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Here’s the issue: in your comment, you’re presenting a scenario that theoretically should work if we lived in an ideal world, but we don’t...

True, but the position I take on these things is one of principle, and yes, those can be inconvenient and at times appear to be unrealistic. My point is, colourblindness must cut both ways if the concept is to have any meaning at all.

Interestingly, Star Trek in its history did more to lift the colour veil than any (or most) other TV show of its era.
It's nice to be principled, but really, I think in this case, the actual reality is the more 'inconvenient' of the two options. Pretending the world is working at its theoretical best and acting as though the solution is an easy one to be reached or should have been reached already pretty much accomplishes nothing. This is not something that's going to just get better without active, involved change.

And you're right, the original series did a lot to lift the color veil, which makes this whitewashing doubly tragic.
I don't think I'm "pretending" anything, nor am I trying to create a reality of any kind. I'm simply stating a position. And that position -- true colourblindness, in all directions -- is part of the change I would like to see. Am I an idealist? Hell, yeah. I spent a good chunk of my professional career as a human rights lawyer and practitioner of international humanitarian law, starting with the Bosnian and Rwandan genocides. Principles are what got me through the nights reading testimonials of what racial and ethnic hatred looks like when fully unleashed.