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The new Outrageous Outrage on Tumblr seems to be that Benedict Cumberbatch is white.


(Warning: I'm assuming there will be Star Trek: Into Darkness spoilers in the comments. Or else just me screaming a lot.)
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Maybe I'd be able to take it more seriously if it wasn't always SOMETHING. I understand groups advocating for representation, although personally I don't care if Watson is Asian or female or in a wheelchair. I do have an issue when these same people decry shows for having "too many white people" or critize a show that casts a light-skinned POC because they aren't "authentic". I had an issue with Khan's casting but because of issues of consistency not because the character is some kind of iconic latino role anymore than, say, Robert Ironside (soon to be played by Blair Underwood) or Watson or whoever are "iconic white roles".