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I'm reading OSC's Mithermages series - so far, The Lost Gate and now The Gate Thief - and rather enjoying it, after all that angst about finding something new to read. It's a teeny bit along the same lines as Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson et al universe in that "ancient gods are real" except... well, I want to say 'more complex' or 'less cartoonish' but that's not really fair to Riordan. But it's also a mix of fantasy and science fiction, kind of like the Pathfinder series, only modern day with lots of pop-culture references. So far various characters have mentioned How I Met Your Mother, The Good Wife and, naturally, Avengers, because one of the main characters/historical figures is Loki. (ETA: Also mentioned Twilight and LOTR.)

"I'm telling you that the gods of mythology are real people. Only each name has been recycled again and again. We're not immortal. But the names are."

"So who is Danny?" asked Hal. "Is he a god?"

"If his family stops trying to kill him and accepts him for who he is, then the name he would be given is Loki."

"Thor's nasty brother in 'The Avengers'," said Wheeler.

"There's no magic hammer," said Hermia. "But yes. There's a Thor in the family, but he doesn't amount to much. None of them do."

On a related note, as I posted last night, I saw Star Trek: Into Darkness yesterday.

Something you have to understand is that my dad was a huge scifi fan growing up, so my brother and I kind of grew up on Star Trek. I was born in 82 and he was born in 86, so this mostly meant the movies and TNG. James really got into it more than me, to the point where I would wake up on non-school days, lie in bed and try to figure out, by listening, which movie he was watching. Because he was always watching them. And it was usually Wrath of Khan. So even though I didn't really become a Star Trek fan until Voyager came along, I was pretty well immersed in the earlier stuff. And I think because of that I was able to appreciate a lot of ST:Id's plays on the 'original' plot, the role reversals and whatnot... definitely a lot more than the average, non-Trek-versed viewer, at least.

- Uhura's ponytail is my new favorite thing. It was just so high and skinny and swingy and wooo!

- McCoy has to be, like, the least happy person on the entire ship. Even less happy than the redshirts.

- When Kirk told Chekov to put on a red shirt, I swear half of the theater went 'uh-oh'.

- Was Spock this much of an ass in the original series? I mean I understand New Spock has gone through more emotional trauma than Original Recipe Spock, but still. Dude. Ratting on your CO and friend after he saved your ass? Not cool, man.

- Sulu in the Captain's chair gave me feelings. "Remind me not to piss you off." *fist pump*

- Scotty you delightful brilliant little goofball.

- So I'd heard via a random imdb-related spoiler that the baddy was Khan, so that wasn't a big shock. However, it does raise some casting questions that I'm sure have already been raised a million times. Could they have found someone who looks less like Ricardo Montalban? Maybe if they'd actually put on the casting sheet "doesn't look anything like Ricardo Montalban." This shouldn't be especially noteworthy except that everyone else basically looks a lot like their TOS counterparts. Now I realize that if they'd cast some tanned, ripped Mexican actor as 'John Harrison', the surprise would have been a lot less (although only the old-school fans could really appreciate it. There was a murmur from about half the audience when Harrison gave his real name, but I imagine the rest of the audience was like, "Caan? As in James Caan? What's the big deal?" at least until Original Recipe Spock divulged that their paths had crossed before).

At the same time... I dunno. If Khan v.2 reminded me of anybody, it was Loki. The accent. The paleless. The greasy hair. The being paraded through the ship by security while people look up in concern. The transparent cell. The being a huge asshole. The flappy coat in the final big fight. It was actually kind of hilarious.

- Speaking of hilarious, Kirk and Spock's little moment at the end gave me feelings (although I'd guessed the final 'twist' from the business with the Tribble). However, Spock's furious "KHHHHAN" made me facepalm.

- I kind of wanted a post-credits scene where one of the characters goes, "Hey, since Spock didn't die and get jettisoned out onto the Genesis planet, does that mean we can skip the 3rd movie and go straight to the time travel and the whales?"

- Or a post-credits scene where Nick Fury shows up in a Starfleet uniform to recruit them for the Avengers Initiative.
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I am SO glad they picked Cumberbatch to play Khan. The man oozes the slightly unhinged and dangerous sociopathic brilliance Ricardo Montalban (Mr. Smarmy) never could aspire to. I know, I shall be hanged for heresy. (I have a mug with my fave Sherlock quote, "Aren't Ordinary People Adorable?" -- kinda says is all.)

PS: Voyager!!!!!! My first (and only other) fandom. <3<3<3
I don't have anything personally against BC or his casting (don't think I've ever seen him in anything) but I've always associated Khan with the theatrical homicidal 'smarmy' Shakespeare-quoting insanity of Montalban, and this was definitely a departure from that (then again, maybe all the theatrical smarm in Hollywood was used up by the villain in Skyfall and it's going to take them some time to replenish it).
"maybe all the theatrical smarm in Hollywood was used up by the villain in Skyfall and it's going to take them some time to replenish it)."

Yes. Absolutely. That well runneth dry for a hundred years. (Just the scene with the jaw emptied the vein.)

Cumberbatch is the BBC Sherlock. If you have never watched that, run -- don't walk -- to the nearest DVD depositary and clear a day. 6 episodes, 90 minutes each, of sheer brilliance. (The Hobbit is Dr Watson.)
Yeeeeeeah I've been kind of avoiding the current Sherlock mania. And I tend to avoid BBC stuff. It's just a little too... British. ;)
I'm not a Trek fan, so when Cumberbatch (I keep wanting to write Cumberbund...) announced his name was Khan and it was obviously meant to be a Big Dramatic Moment, and I was like "so what?" If you weren't a Trek fan already the 'revelation' didn't do much.

He did remind me a lot of Loki, all the way down to the hair.
*chuckles* Yeah that's what I figured. But, see, now if you go watch Wrath of Khan/Search for Spock it'll be so much more meaningful to you!
- When Kirk told Chekov to put on a red shirt, I swear half of the theater went 'uh-oh'.

Same here! I was actually really disappointed that they didn't do more with that, like have a moment where we thought he might die.

Yeah, but then you can only do that so many times before it starts getting silly. And Chekov didn't have any emotional throughline that would have made him a 'good' target. Plus it would have been overlooked in the whole Kirk (almost) dying thing.