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Star Trek: Into Darkness

Home late, haven't watched tonight's GoT so I'm avoiding tumblr as I get ready for bed, but I did go see Star Trek: Into Darkness tonight. I'll try to compile some insightful, spoilery thoughts tomorrow during the drive to work, but in general - and as someone who grew up in a house pretty much surrounded by Trek (namely TNG and the motion pictures) I liked it, I enjoyed it, I'll see it again when it's out on DVD, I laughed, I got sad, I facepalmed once, I'm pretty sure I got most if not all of the call-backs, and... yeah. :)

Also, Thor and Ender's Game and Man of Steel trailers! In IMAX! *drools upon them*

(Aha, appropriate 'vintage' James T. Kirk icon is appropriate!)

ETA: Damn my Game of Thrones downnnnnnerrrrthing is going to be done sooner than I expected. *checks the time* Eh what the hell, I can burn some CDs for work at the same time.
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