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Sigh. The muse doesn't want to write. I finished the book I was reading... entertaining, but not enough that I can't wait to read the next in the series. So now I'm trawling through Amazon's scifi/fantasy new releases and best-sellers, which seem to be all

- Urban fantasy crap where people have vampire/werewolf boyfriends [1]
- Star Trek books [2]
- Stuff I've already read
- Zombies
- Dreary LOTR retreads
- More vampires

And you can't even trust reviews because Twilight has 6K+ reviews and has 4 stars and ditto for the Fifty Shades Trilogy and *looks for someone in the publishing world to stab*

Even my favorite authors from the good old days - Jacqueline Carey, Lois McMaster Bujold, Sharon Shinn - are now writing urban fantasy/my boyfriend's one of the undead crap. [3]

Sigh. Ten more days until Koontz's newest Odd book comes out. At least with that series you know what you're getting.

[1] Not a fan of the genre, if you couldn't tell.
[2] Okay, yes, I've read more than my share of Star Trek books. I actually thought a couple were fantastic. But that was high school.
[3] I mentioned I have issues, right?
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