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unpopular opinion is unpopular...

...but I really don't care

To the people who are currently whining about how they want to see Ender's Game but can't because OSC is an evil homophobic Mormon and so really there's nothing wrong in cam versions because they're not giving him a cent of their money to an evil homophobic Mormon...*

You know, if that's how you want to justify it to yourself (ignoring the fact that hundreds if not thousands of people who aren't OSC are making a living off this movie as well) go ahead, knock yourself out, free country. And maybe the next time conservative groups decide to boycott (officially or otherwise) some liberal celebrity's latest bit of self-aggrandizement, you'll be able to say, "You know, I don't agree with their position, but whatever, free country."

Or, you know, not. Because in some circles, tolerance is only tolerance if it's what you believe in.

* aka the kind of crap that's been keeping me off tumblr the last few days. Honestly I think I'd enjoy the fandom stuff a lot more if I didn't have to wade through the hip-deep down with the patriarchy and omg conservatives are so stupid/evildiatribes. I really need to be more careful about who I follow.
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