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Person of Interest

I love Reese. I love Shaw. And Shaw driving sports cars while Reese rides shotgun. And Carter. And Amy Acker being a crazy badass. And backstory. And I'm having squishy feelings about the Machine.

That's about all I got right now.
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My thoughts and feelings are all in a jumble. Still trying to sort them out!
If they don't make Sarah a regular next season I will be so bummed. She and John are two peas in a pod... she's even got the husky-voiced thing going on.

(And strangely, in the back of my head is a little voice going... boy, the slashers must be campaigning for her death...)

Wait, and Shaw's first name is Samantha, isn't it? That makes this all even more hilarious.
Yes, all of that. I also laugh a little every time I think that Shaw was Reese on "Life."

I'm easily amused.