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So much of Ender's Game is about the psychology and sociology of Battle School that I think my main concern is that that's also an important part of the movie, that it's just not another VFX-driven alien invasion spectacle. You really can't make any judgments off the trailer alone, because obviously it's going to play up the pretty visuals, and I have nothing against them showing 'footage', as it were, from the first two Formic wars. And I have a lot more hope than I otherwise would if OSC hadn't been involved in the movie.

Also, where is Bean? I NEED ME SOME BEAN.

November. GAH.
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I'm getting so excited about this movie!! I think Asa Butterfield looks like a perfect choice for Ender... I was a bit concerned when I first heard who they'd cast, because I thought he was a bit too old. But then I read an interview with the director and had to agree with the reasons behind the choices they made. It was pointed out that the book actually takes place over a span of time, with Ender starting out as a six year old, but being in his early teens by the end of the book. They're basically compressing the timeline for the purposes of the movie... which makes sense because, for one thing, they only need to cast one actor as Ender.
Yeah, it makes sense, I just think it would have been a little more visceral to cast younger kids. But I won't get hung up on that. Well, I'll try not to, anyway ;)