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In other news, saw IM3 tonight, liked it, not sure if I loved it, have to think about it... oh, except I did love the tag. How can you not love the tag?
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The tag, oh, joy, I nearly wept! I loved the movie at the beginning (the Switzerland scene) and at the very end (the tag). And the stuff in the middle, well, didn't love. I just wanted something different from the film, I guess, and the remote suits stole a lot of the heart of Tony out of the film for me.
I actually thought that was the point of the remote suits, to show the difference between Tony/Ironman and the suits. Ironman isn't the suit, Ironman is Tony. Hence the last line -- I am Ironman -- and the removal of the arc reactor. The whole script turned on what was a nice play on Steve's words from The Avengers, "You take away the suit and what have you got?"

But yeah, the tag. :-)
I was glad they got rid of that (ridiculous) abundance of suits at the end; by that point I thought the way the suits had been treated was irreverent. But I just hadn't wanted them to go there in the first place, I admit. I love the idea that when Tony's in the suit he's actually putting himself in jeopardy; it makes his heroism all the more intense. Removing the arc reactor so easily also (in my view) cheapens the lengths Tony went to in IM2 to create a new element to save his life.

I just like the idea that "I and the suit are one" means Tony is still utterly amazing on his own, but with the suit he feels like he's come into the enhancements that carry him beyond even mortal man. The Tony of the Avengers, whom I loved so so so much.

But most people liked the film almost unconditionally, so, I'm simply the owner of my own opinion on this one! ^_^
We all own our opinions! :-)

I quite liked it, but didn't love it the way I LOVE The Avengers. I did love the Mandarin and the kid, though. What threw me was ... Christmas. Christmas?? Changed release date ...?

Oh, what I DO love unconditionally is your icon.
Nope, no changed release date. The director just has a thing for Christmas, as it's a major motif in Long Kiss Goodnight and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.