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Questions I have about TV shows I don't watch

Inspired by Tumblr.

1. Are there any female characters on Supernatural or is it just Sam, Dean and Cas making goo-goo eyes at each other?

2. On Teen Wolf, what's the teen:wolf ratio?

Okay, that's actually all I got right now.
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I think Felicia Day has a gig on Supernatural now?

She's shot more than two episodes. Guess they'll be killing her off soon. Or they already have.

Also, the Teen Wolf fandom cracks me up. Apparently one of the stars of the show was on New Girl this week and all of the fangirls came on our Tumblr tag and were like, 'YOU ARE WELCOME FOR THE FINE PIECE OF MAN-MEAT WE LOANED YOU THIS WEEK'

To which New Girl fans were like, "WTF, the guy is twelve."